Celebrate farmers this week

As we gather with family and friends around the Thanksgiving table, it is fitting that we count among our blessings the vital Farm-City partnerships that have done so much to improve the quality of our lives. Think about the farmers, ranchers, processors, truck drivers, retailers who work very hard to supply your food. Say “thanks” to those partners.

November 20-26 is National Farm/City Week, a time set aside to commend the many Americans whose hard work and ingenuity reflect the true spirit of America and help to ensure a prosperous future for all. No other industry in America affects each and every American with more impact every day than agriculture. Rural and urban residents are “Partners in Progress” who produce the products, and make them readily available through an efficient production and market chain.

Newberry County will recognize Farm-City Week Nov. 20 through Nov. 26. It is in everyone’s best interest for farms and cities to remain strong and healthy.

Margaret Brackett


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