Support Folk for Clerk of Court

I am Jackie Bowers, your Newberry County Clerk of Court. It has been a privilege to have served the citizens of Newberry County in this office for the past 47 years, and a very high honor to have served as your elected Clerk of Court for the past 28 years.

The Clerk of Court’s Office is responsible for support of the Circuit and Family Courts, including administration of jury selection. In addition, all real estate records are recorded and maintained in this office. This office works closely with S.C. Court Administration with a fully automated system to administer statewide court rules in addition to the S.C. Code of Laws.

This office will see many changes over the next several years and we need a Clerk of Court that has the experience and knowledge of this office to meet those challenges. We need a Clerk of Court that is aware of the many documents that are filed within the office that may contain sensitive information and will be conscious and alert to protect that information for those she serves.

As I retire from this position, I ask that you consider supporting Beth Folk for your next Clerk of Court. Beth has faithfully served Newberry County in this office for the past 38 years and as Deputy Clerk for the past 26 years. she is well versed in all areas and has proven herself to be exemplary employee. She has the experience to continue to serve the citizens of Newberry County in a professional and compassionate way.

Please consider casting your vote for Elizabeth Folk as your next Clerk of Court on Nov. 8.

Jackie S. Bowers

Newberry County Clerk of Court

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