Say thanks to board members

March 2, 2014

Last Tuesday evening, the Annual Meeting of your Newberry County Chamber of Commerce was a total success. The event was catered by Figaro-The Dining Room and held at The Friend Building at 901 Friend Street. The evening consisted of a social hour, a wonderful buffet dinner, and a brief business meeting followed by Frank King, professional comedian, certified laugh coach and stress reduction expert who certainly lived up to his billing of being a truly funny, funny guy.

During the brief business meeting, we said “goodbye” to three outgoing board members and approved the representatives for the open seats. This approval means that for the first time in four years, your Chamber board is complete and ready to help make your Newberry County Chamber of Commerce one of the best ever.

I believe every citizen should be aware of the people making the decisions in any organization. It is at this time that I want to introduce you to your 2014 board members. Now you should know that Newberry County is comprised of seven districts, and your Chamber By-laws state each district shall be represented by a member residing within each district along with seven at-large members, so with that in mind, please allow me to introduce you to your board:

• District #1 is Barbara Bishop

• District #2 is Robert Martin

• District #3 is Tad Abraham

• District #4 is Phil Spotts

• District #5 is Keith Avery

• District #6 is George Piersol II

• District #7 is Wayne Pratt

Our at-large members are John Glasgow, Matt DeWitt, Sean Pomeroy, Cathy Cain, George Routon, and Sandy Scherrens.

Now that you have been introduced to this very energetic group, I ask you to tell them “thank you” for their community service and to urge each to step up and promote this wonderful gem we call Newberry.

By the way, we can always use your assistance. Whether it is working on some of our projects or volunteering to visit those members that might need just a little bit of encouragement.

Please stop by and visit us here at Community Hall and if you cannot stop, please call us at (803) 276-4274 and allow Liz, Michelle, our new intern Shevonna Jenkins, or me to tell you about the many benefits of Chamber membership.