Pomaria Garmany’s Pawsome Students

February 5, 2014

Each month Pomaria-Garmany Elementary School recognizes a student from each class that portrays the schoolwide character skill. The character skill for January was Honest. Students were recognized as the “Pawsome Student of the Month” for their class and received a visit from the school mascot and the media specialist, Christi Vinson and a treat. The Pawsome Students of the Month for January were, front row from the left, Kimberlyn Farias, Robert Lathrop, Caleb Black, Hunter Gray, Taylor Williams, Katie Gallman, Isabella Ferreira, Jeremiah Long, and Jeremey Hollowell. Back row, from the left, are Kayven Gibson, Cole Bouknight, Shelton Brooks, PGE Tiger, Katie Smith, Sara Wicker, Travis Griffin, and Alma Andrade. Dani Thomas and Esteban Morfin were absent when the photo was taken.