Newberry County game notes

October 25, 2013

Batesburg-Leesville at Newberry

• Newberry leads the series at 31-29-1 since 1929.

• Newberry has won the last two meetings. Newberry’s longest streaks over Batesburg-Leesville have been five games (1935-46; ’59-63) and six games (’73-80).

• Newberry is 3-1 in years ending in a ‘3’ against Batesburg-Leesville. They lost in 1953 while they won in ’63, ’73 and ’93.

• Newberry defeated Ware Shoals, Clinton, Batesburg-Leesville, Clinton and Abbeville in 1946.

Mid-Carolina at Abbeville

Abbeville leads the series 15-10 since 1978.

• Mid-Carolina last defeated Abbeville on the road in 1995. This was also their last victory over the Panthers.

• Abbeville has won the last five meetings. They won five straight also, 1990-94.

• The two teams met every year from 1978-99. This will be their fourth meeting since.

• Mid-Carolina picked up its first win of the season in week nine or later: 1964 and ’68.

Southside Christian at Whitmire

Whitmire leads the series 5-3 since 2006.

• Whitmire won the first five meetings while the Sabres have won the last three.

Compiled by Wilson Senn for The Observer