Rebels, Tigers take on Edgewood in tri-match

October 4, 2013

NINETY SIX — Mid-Carolina Middle School took on Newberry Middle School and Edgewood Middle School in a tri-match Oct. 1 at Edgewood Middle School. Edgewood and Mid-Carolina walked away with a win each.

In the first match, Edgewood volleyed against Mid-Carolina. The home team won the first game against the Rebels, 25-14 and also the second game, 25-19. Edgewood was the match 1 winner.

In the second match, Mid-Carolina and Newberry battled it out on the court with three games a piece. Newberry won the first game, 25-23 but Mid-Carolina came back and won the last two games, 25-15 and 15-6. Mid-Carolina was the match 2 winner.

MC’s Cassi Ruff served 7 points, one of which was an ace while Jada Lawrence served 6 points consecutively in one game.

Georgia Summer served 4 consecutive points in one game and Megan Grubbs served 3 points overall while Ivey Horne served 12 points overall, six of which were consecutive.

The next match is at 5 p.m. Oct. 7 at Mid-Carolina Middle where the Lady Rebels take on Newberry Middle School.