Help improve view of Newberry

September 23, 2013

Lately, one of the big news stories has been the rating system for South Carolina schools. This same rating system placed the Newberry County schools performance in the middle of the scale. I believe this to be an incorrect grade. I believe the schools in Newberry County are quite remarkable.

In this short article, I will tell you how you can come to the same conclusion, and I am going to tell you how you can help change one of the rating systems used by Realtors that prevents folks from moving into our county because the information they received inferred our schools were underperforming.

When I first heard people discussing our schools, I decided to see for myself if we indeed had a problem. To me, the poor performance just did not seem to fit since I personally know many of the teachers/instructors in our system and I knew they were completely professional and caring people. So after many discussions it became apparent to me that our schools are getting bad reviews by a faulty rating system.

So, what can we do to improve this misconception?

Let’s discuss one way you can help. When people are relocating, one of their first questions is, “How are the schools?” Guess what? When they follow the Realtors guidebook, they will be told that Newberry County schools are below average.

Why is that? Well, the number one rating system used by Realtors is Zillow, and after investigating, we were told they get their information from ordinary people who opt to fill out the information request forms found on their website.

I was very surprised at this discovery. So I logged on to, and sure enough, one can rate their own school system.

By doing this simple feat, the Newberry County School system will get a better rating. So, why is it important that each of us should rate Newberry County schools on This is why: Realtors and their clients make decisions on whether to consider moving to Newberry County based on what they see on these Internet information centers.

Currently, the information they see tells them our schools are inadequate. Folks, we can have a positive affect on what people are seeing on these websites simply by logging on and rating our schools.

Please take the time to discuss our schools with friends, and if you do not know any of our teachers, get some advice from someone who does, then ask everyone that you know to get involved and rate our schools on

Here is the “fine” print: Make an informed review. By doing this, we can improve the ratings which will then encourage those looking to move to consider living in Newberry County.

By the way, why not stop by your Newberry County Chamber of Commerce, located at 1209 Caldwell Street (Community Hall) and let us tell you about the schools in our county.

While you are here, allow us to tell you of the many benefits of Chamber membership. Should visiting be impossible, call (803) 276-4274 and allow either Liz, Michelle, or me get to know you. We await your call and your participation.