Thanks to businesses, communities

The ladies of The Newberry American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 24 want to express our thanks to The Newberry Observer for your gracious support with the Poppies fundraising project this year and in the past. We greatly appreciate your advertising our fundraiser for the benefit of our veterans and community.This project supports several programs for the veterans and their families, so we thank you and your staff. We would also like to thank Betty Brannon, Mayor Foster Senn, Walmart, Foo...

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Initiatives that give veterans an edge in the job market

Federal agencies aren’t trying to hire veterans just because they think it’s a nice thing to do. They’ve been ordered to do so by their chief executive and board of directors — the president and Congress.To help agencies reach vet hiring goals, federal leaders have established several special pathways to federal jobs for vets. Taking advantage of these typically requires vets to submit particular paperwork and documentation.For more details, visit...

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Gaza in the light of the stars

There is a solution to the difficult problem of war, but it is evolutionary. That feels bizarre to us humans, uncongenially abstract. No, we cannot grow new brains and hearts. But we can evolve how we think — and feel. We can become more responsive to what reality keeps screaming at us at the top of its lungs: a global population of seven billion and rising, along with nuclear weapons, asserts a grand limit, where the destructive potential of our sheer numbers and our weapons is bigger ...

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Gulf War syndrome update: Presumptive Conditions Rejected

The Department of Veterans Affairs has rejected a request from members of Congress and veterans advocates to make brain cancer, lung cancer and migraines for Gulf War veterans. Officials said they cannot prove the high rate of these illnesses among Gulf War vets are related to military service.VA officials said the number of brain cancer deaths for soldiers exposed to sarin gas was too low to be conclusive, though it was double the rate of soldiers not exposed. And the rate of lung...

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What you need to know about skin cancer

Lois Eubanks, executive director of the S.C. Cancer Alliance, will address an overview of skin cancer. July was Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and July is UV (ultraviolet ray) Safety Month.S.C. Cancer Alliance is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce the impact of cancer on all people in South Carolina. Eubanks is no stranger in Newberry, having promoted SC Tobacco-Free Collaborative for the past several years in Newberry Notes.Skin cance...

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Apollo 11 an achievement worth remembering

July 21 marked the anniversary of one of America’s great triumphs.Forty-five years earlier, the eyes of a nation were transfixed to their black and white TV sets to watch history unfold as an American astronaut stepped foot on the grey lunar soil. Neil Armstrong became the first man to stand on ground not of this Earth.It was a remarkable feat, one which is unparalleled in world history. Since the beginning of mankind, humans had gazed at the bright sphere hundreds...

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Running for their lives: The child migrant crisis

As the Department of Homeland Security tries to deliver busloads of Central American children and families to places of temporary safety, shrieking demonstrators in California, Arizona, and other states are barring the way and demanding these kids be dumped over the border.These outbursts resemble the ugly mentality that, in 1939, prompted our government to send a ship with more than 900 German Jews aboard back to Europe where many were eventually killed by the Nazis. Like them, ma...

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Newberry is making big strides

We’re fortunate in Newberry to have a vibrant small business community with a good mix of long-time and new entrepreneurs. Recent months have seen a great deal of small business activity.In Newberry Realty’s beautifully renovated Carpenter Building on Main Street, Angie Goings recently opened Krazy Daisy, selling ladies apparel and accessories. Vicki Fischer opened Newberry Flag and Banner with a fun selection. And Elizabeth’s on Main, a longtime downtown favorite...

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Monthly recap from your Chamber

Here at your Chamber, we routinely ask ourselves and others what additional programs or events we can do to promote a positive business environment and to enhance the quality of life in Newberry County. How can we better foster economic growth while meeting the needs of our communities? We want to hear from you.We are excited about the Newberry Community Hall landscaping and hardscaping currently underway. The City of Newberry and contractors have been steadily working to ready the...

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Whitmire veterans celebration a success

Hello everyone, local news on the way after we do our birthday wishes texted in from Gottrocks the birthday fairy.Birthdays, AnniversariesHappy Birthday to Butch Lawson, Anita Raines, Larry Hensley, Isabella Miller, Martin Miller, Eric Rast, Lucille Wood, Esther Starnes, Lisa Putnam, Kenny Putnam, Lisa H. Taylor, Beth Andrews, Laura Smith, Niane Bunch, Faye and Kaye Epps, Donna and Doug Maness, Maurice Glenn, Coretta Coleman, Rob Nelson, Stacy Greenway, ...

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VA claims backlog update: Frequently overlooked claims

The long-standing slog within the Veterans Affairs Department to cut down its mountain of disability claims has been well documented. Or has it?The VA loves to talk about how it’s on track to reach its goal next year of completing all disability compensation and pension claims within 125 days — keeping them off the dreaded “backlogged” list. Frequently overlooked? The other two-thirds of VA claims — or more than 1 million requests — aren’t ...

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Excessive compensation can ruin a CEO’s judgment

Narcissists don’t happen to be particularly nice people. They preen. They grab. And they never ever really feel our pain.Extremely self-centered people, some fascinating new business school research shows, also don’t make for particularly effective corporate CEOs.This new research — conducted by business school analysts at the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona — examines the impact of CEO narcissism on corporate tax p...

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Can’t ‘Writer’s Block’ be a good thing?

When you think of writer’s block, what is it exactly that first comes to mind? Personally, thinking back on the phrase takes me to middle school, which may be when I first heard or used the phrase.You’ve heard me say probably many times that I love writing, always have. So, loving to write in middle school isn’t abnormal for me to say about myself. I can hear my peers at the time using it as an excuse to get out of homework or in-class assignments.̶...

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Words of Encouragement

Have we ever thought how influential the words we speak are? Do we know what kind of impact our speech can have on a person who desperately needs to hear an encouraging word?When someone is trying to do something for the Lord, do we try to help them by giving words of encouragement or do we discourage them with snide or hateful remarks? We need to ask ourselves these questions.We can speak words to uplift others or words that will bring them down.It is importa...

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VA ID card, benefit, claim processing updates

You should receive your VHIC within seven to 10 days after you request a VHIC card. Although VA strives to do all they can to ensure they enroll veterans in a timely manner, sometimes they are unable to either verify your military service or need additional information from you.If so, VA will try to contact you to get the information they need to complete your enrollment application. If VA is unable to reach you, they encourage you to contact the local VA facility where the card wa...

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