Government as innovator? You bet!

Five years ago, the federal government spent $169 billion to fund basic research and development. This fiscal year, it’s down to $134 billion.People who believe in public belt-tightening applaud drops like that. I understand why: there are many reasons to reduce government spending. But in this case they’re wrong. We need to boost the government’s investment in R&D, not slash it.

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We serve a risen Savior

At Christmas time we celebrate the birth of Jesus and at Easter time we celebrate His resurrection. We might not know exactly the day and time this all happened, we just believe it all took place.Jesus was God’s only begotten Son, conceived of the Holy Spirit, and born of a virgin.He was rich yet for our sakes He became poor. He slept in another’s stable; rode another man’s donkey; He was buried in another’s sepulcher, where no one had been laid....

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Good Samaritans in Newberry

Dear Editor,I fell in the Bi-Lo parking lot on April 16 as I was carrying my groceries to my car. Four girls and one guy came to my side to check on me and to help get my groceries out to my car. We just have such wonderful and good Samaritans here in Newberry. I did not get their names, but I was so thankful for their assistance.Janette M. VaughnProsperity

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WhatsApp with the Estate Tax?

What does Facebook’s recent purchase of WhatsApp have to do with the estate tax? Actually, a good bit, if you’re concerned about America’s concentration of wealth.Why? Because an economy needs effective checks and balances. A tax on inherited fortunes essentially operates as an app that counterbalances the impact of events like Facebook’s acquisitions on our nation’s concentration of wealth.

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America’s Peace Ship

Is there an emotional connection between the oceans and the pursuit of peace? For whatever reason, peace ships have been increasing in number over the past century.Probably the first of these maritime vessels was the notorious Ford Peace Ship of 1915, which stirred up more ridicule than peace during World War I.

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Income reporting, medical coverage for veterans

To qualify for Medicare, it involves how long you have worked and paid Social Security and Medicare taxes from your payroll check. One has to work only 10 years or 40 quarters to qualify for Medicare Part A at no cost. You have to enroll in Part B which has a premium of $104.90/monthly for 2014 this year. Being a Veteran and using a VA facility does not disqualify anyone from enrolling in and using Medicare. In fact, VA encourages Veterans to enroll in Part B, the medical/doctor part of Medic...

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South Carolina’s encouraging economic news

When the unemployment rate is down, politicians swoop in to take credit.When joblessness is up, there’s blame and finger-pointing.It’s up to the voters to sort through the rhetoric. And most would probably agree that no politician deserves as much credit as they’d like — or as much blame as their detractors would heap on them – for any uptick or downturn in the economy.But while economic news can often be distorted by politics, wh...

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Easter — The name of Jesus

My words are written in honor and memory of Joan O’Dell, beloved friend, a Newberry legendary analyst and spiritual leader. She has passed on to an angelic, revered world, but her words spoken over decades were heard in churches, radio, conventions and assemblies and will be remembered.This week, the emphasis will focus on Joan’s past spiritual script: The Name of Jesus, special Bible verses and discussions in recognition of God’s greatest gift, His Son, Jesus.

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Be sure to take in the beauty of changing downtown

Are you intrigued by beauty? Do you appreciate the work put in by others who simply refuse to accept the norm, always going that extra mile to bring out perfection? Do you take the time to reach out, if only by telephone, and congratulate someone for making something better? Do you actually slow down from your hectic schedule and look at the beauty surrounding you?Then you simply must visit downtown Newberry this spring! We are experiencing a wonderful change. At times it is easy f...

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‘Blooms for Mom’ event coming up in Whitmire

Hello everyone. The weather finally looks like spring has arrived, so that means yard work. So let’s do our birthday wishes from Gottrocks the birthday fairy, and then it’s out to the yard.BirthdaysHappy birthday to Barry Gilliam, Alex Collins, Linda Keller, Reagan Green, Tommy Shields, Heather Hawkins, Sandy Wicker, Joyce Guinn, Beth M. Bozard, Richard Hurst, David Claytor, Evonne Prather, Wayne Langston, Dickert “D” Lominick Jr....

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Retirement updates, negative reaction to change proposal

The Pentagon’s new proposal for reforming military retirement is drawing sharply negative reactions from today’s career-minded service members, according to a recent survey of Military Times active-duty readers. By a margin of more than two to one, active-duty troops said they oppose the Defense Department’s proposal that would scale back the size of the lifetime monthly retirement payments promised to troops who serve 20 years or more.

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Budgets as moral documents, nuclear weapons and the fate of life

April 15th, Tax Day, our nation funds our national budget. On this day we fund the nation’s business and provide a proclamation to the world of the U.S. priorities for the next year. Ultimately, because they reveal our choices, budgets are moral documents and are supposed to represent the people’s priorities.What are those priorities? Surveys show them to be education, economic security, environmental protection, healthcare, climate change, peace and security. With so m...

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Birthright appears several times in the Bible

The term birthright appears several times in the Bible. The word refers to the inheritance rights of the firstborn son in a Hebrew family in the Old Testament times.The property of a father was normally divided among his sons at his death. But a larger amount, usually a double portion, went to the oldest son, who assumed the care of his mother and unmarried sisters.The birthright could be forfeited by behavior that was offensive to the father or opposed to God’s wi...

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Stranded couple thanks local businesses for help

On March 28, we were traveling from Florida to Indiana, when our truck quit on I-26. We got onto the shoulder with our truck (pulling a trailer with trike) as it began to rain. We started calling our road service, which could not locate anyone who would take both the truck and trailer.After an hour, a SC Trooper came to our aid and called Livingston Towing. John and fiance’ Sherry were the first to come to our aid. They got our truck, trailer, and us safely to Newberry for a ...

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Campaign finance reform is small change

Here we go again: The US Supreme Court has relaxed some political contribution limits. Cue the hype.Last year, 2013, was the first year of the 2014 campaign cycle.Question #1: How much did federal elected officials spend on their 2014 campaigns last year?Answer: At least $3.45 trillion — a little over $6.4 billion for each US Senator and US Representative and for the two elected executive branch officials, the president and vice-president.Yes,...

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The outpouring of the spirit

In the passage before us (Acts 2:1-13), we have...

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