Time for one final chat from the newsroom of The Observer

By the time you are reading this column, some of you may have already met our newest reporter, Andrew Wigger.He, Elyssa and I attended Newberry College together and I worked with him some when I did freelance work for the college and he interned in the marketing department.He’s a gifted writer and I know folks will welcome him into the community just as folks in Whitmire welcomed me when I started with the now defunct Whitmire News back in 2010.Welcome a...

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Imagine … the finished product!

The activity around Community Hall has certainly created discussions regarding local residents’ feelings about just what is historic and how each of us view the center of our beloved city of Newberry. The year of 2014 is proving to be the “year of renovation.”

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Vet toxic exposure legislation update

On June 9, Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA-17) introduced H.R. 4816, the Toxic Exposure Research and Military Family Support Act of 2014, which is a companion bill to S.1602, introduced by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).“My bill will extend care to Veterans who can show that their medical illnesses have a direct relation to a toxic substance they were exposed to,” said Rep. Honda. “Additionally, this act will take care of the children, grandchildren, and future de...

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Whitmire Golf Association works with youth

Hello, everyone. Local news on the way after we send out our birthday wishes. Gottrocks the birthday fairy had an interesting week. He said he had flown to Alaska to get away from Southeastern heat. Can you blame him?So let’s do our wishes, then we’ll send him off with lemonade and coolant.BirthdaysRobert Lipford, Bob Burnett, Robbie Hall, Scott Wilkerson, Rev. Jim Nates, Ida Grace Shields, Amelia W. Shields, Katie Moss, Marie Whis...

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Vessels for Jesus

As a child of God, let’s be vessels that God can mold the way He wants us and needs us to be. When we are willing to be all that we can for Jesus, some how and some way He will use us.Think of the things God can teach us if we are willing to put Him first and listen to Him.If we are not careful we will get so preoccupied with other things that we want take time to be vessels that God can use.“But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold ...

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Supreme Court autopsy ruling trumps public accountability

For the second time in a month, the S.C. Supreme Court has ruled against openness and punted important issues back to the Legislature for change.On Tuesday, the court ruled that autopsy records are exempt from release under the FOIA because they are medical records.Why does this matter to the public?It matters because the next time police shoot an innocent man, don’t expect the public to have access to the autopsy report giving the details of the death....

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Veterans benefits, credibility updates

Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan D. Gibson on June 18 directed all Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Medical Center and Health Care System Directors to conduct monthly in-person reviews of scheduling practices in every clinic within their jurisdiction. Site inspections will include observing daily scheduling processes and interacting with scheduling staff to ensure all policies are being followed to deliver Veterans the timely care they have earned.

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With nuclear weapons and climate change, things could get worse

There’s more bad news from the climate scientists. Not about global warming, where the news is never good, but about the impact nuclear weapons would have on the atmosphere, our climate, and food production if even a very small number were used in a limited, regional conflict.

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Summer writes for “her” paper and yours, too

Sometimes in journalism, a story takes on a life of its own. That certainly was the case for our continuing coverage of the James Brown Legacy Trust and the legal wranglings surrounding whether the Godfather of Soul would have nearly all of his music empire donated to a charity established to provide college scholarships to poor children in South Carolina and Georgia.When Newberry freelance writer Sue Summer took on that story several years ago, she said she figured the story would...

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Can you help?

As the storms came through Newberry last Thursday, a tree came down on the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Lake Murray (CPCLM), 1601 Martin Street in Newberry. No one was hurt, however we did suffer loss. We do have a very large deductible. So I’m asking our readers for help. Would you pull together and help us recoup our losses and reopen the center as soon as possible?The building repairs will start after the debris is cleared, which we will hope will soon. CPCLM is not responsi...

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VA scandal news, private care access update

“VA awareness is losing traction. Well played, Mr. President,” said disabled Iraq War veteran Matt James. Many other veterans have also noticed VA scandal awareness is slipping from the public consciousness. Veterans like Mr. James are taking similar note as to just how fickle our news cycle is and of the apparent 8-second attention span held by the news media when it comes to VA accountability for veterans.

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South Carolina State Housing

South Carolina State Housing will be the topic during an interview with Clayton Ingram, director of Marketing and Communication. He will familiarize readers with South Carolina State Housing and introduce programs that promise to make it an effective investment in the State.“Our Mission is that all South Carolinians have the opportunity to live in safe, decent and affordable homes.” Help is available to struggling homeowners in South Carolina with almost $300 million in...

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Nothing new under the Gaza-Sderot Sun

The temperatures keep rising in the hot Gaza-Sderot region; after all it’s July. But it’s not the heat that is making our lives unbearable; it’s the renewed terrifying and senseless violence that within 24 hours spun out of control, affecting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and points further north. It’s the ‘here we go again’ lethal ping pong of Israeli bombings in Gaza and rocket attacks on Israeli communities.

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Whitmire’s veteran celebration is this weekend

Hello everyone, our local news coming up after we do our birthday and anniversary wishes. Gottrocks the birthday fairy has been working overtime due to his wings and flight mechanisms overheating. You’d think that being raised in the South, he knew to expect withering hot weather. Wonders never cease, do they?BirthdaysHappy Birthday to Lonnie Riffey, Wayne Campbell, Janet S. McMurtury, Reggie Stevens, Bailey W. Nix, Matt Bledsoe, Julie A. Murray, T...

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VA health care access update: Bills could double spending in 3 years

Spending on veterans’ health care could double in three years under the Senate’s solution to the long waits experienced by thousands seeking medical care at VA hospitals and clinics, according to congressional budget experts.Analyzing a bill the Senate passed overwhelmingly June 11, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the measure would add $35 billion over the next three years to the $44 billion the government now spends annually on medical care for veterans.

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Livingston is best Republican candidate for Adjutant General

The clear choice for SC Adjutant General in the...

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